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It is Our Responsibility to transfers the required amount into your account using our own Personal     
Offshore Servers and technique so you have absolutely no charge back or cash back.
             Your Funds are clean and ready to be picked up once Balance reflects in your account.
                     Currently we are transferring all over the world except African countries..
                   All our transfers are safe and secure so you have nothing to worry about.
Information Needed For Bank Transfer | Wire
               Bank Information | Bank Name | Bank Address | Zip Code
        Recipients Name | Account Number | Account Type | Routing Number
                                                Swift Number | BIC and IBAN
                                          Recipients Mobile Number or Email
Our Terms and Conditions are Simple
                                                             We do not sell fake Bank Login Software, so don't even ask!
                                                                          We definitely Don't give Test|Trial Transfers
                                                                  We don't do Percentages, All Transfers are Paid For
                                                        We Only Accept Bitcoin Perfect money and gift cards Payments.
          We don't care what you are Using the Funds for, after funds has been sent, you can  buy a Hover board if you want!
                                                                  We can only do 1 transfer in a week to same Customer.
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